Happiness can be easy
Family is the foundation of happiness. Whatever you may or already encountered in the life, believe it or not, there would be families to support you. The child defines happiness is that father can take families to explore the world, when he or she grows up, they will regard happiness by taking their own families to explore the world. Actually, there is nothing more special than the happiness from your families. You have every reason to spend even a minute behind the wheel and share with your families to handle any challenge the road may bring, so drive forwards with your families and happiness
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International quality
  • Smart Forfour Chassis
  • SAAB Technology
  • Smart Headlights
  • Multifunctional Instrument
Fashionable Styling
  • Family design of front face
  • Fashionable streamlined tail
  • Minimalist interior
  • Smart Rearview Mirro
New powerful engine
  • New powerful engine
  • high-fidelity loudspeakers
  • GPS Navigation System
  • Electronic Immobilizer
Outstanding Safety
  • Safe Cage-Type Body
  • Airbags + Side Air Curtains
  • Child Seats-ISOFIX Device
  • Rear-view Camera System
Smart Forfour Chassis
The D20, originating from BAIC’s small car platform, draws on Mercedes-Benz’s Smart Forfour chassis.
Smart forfour
SAAB Technology
Based onA113/A115 chassis, Saab’s Nordic optimization technology is adopted to build an upgraded D20 steering platform.
SAAB Technology
Technical details
BAIC INTL aims to produce vehicles with popular options that fulfill the segmented global automobile markets and satisfy world customer needs. All parameters and configurations information of different vehicles displayed above are based on the latest data at the time of posting, which may be updated without official notification and clarification.