J40 - SUV
Since its development half a century ago, the SUV has come a long way in terms of quality of design and comfort. We allow you to break any boundary and challenge yourself in any direction you want to go. To travel in a way you have never done before; to see a world you have never seen. The world is yours if your soul is ready to experience it.
Get to know it
  • Fashionable Streamline
  • Multifunctional smart design
  • Robust and professional
  • Comparable to a military vehicle
  • Comparable to a military vehicle
Fashionable Streamline
Follow your heart’s desire! Based on the earlier model BJ212, the J40 is designed in accordance with the classic features of the classic SUV – “Strong, Simple and Imposing”. The profile is tough, clean and fashionable.
Multifunctional smart design
Adventure on your terms. The J40 allows you to customize your travel however you want. Off-Road Survival Information System: The dashboard shows such information as gradient, direction, altitude and atmospheric pressure, so you are free to focus on your adventure. Smart Functions: The J40 is easy and convenient to operate thanks to its ergonomic design, for example cup holders near the air vents, panoramic reversing radar, powered foldable side mirrors and overhead stereo system. Flexible body arrangement: The roof, doors and windshields are easily detachable. The BJ40 offers the ability to make each experience unique, so you’ll never stop looking forward to the next one. Oversized Trunk Space: The seats can be adjusted as needed, including fold-down rear-seats which provides storage up to 0.6 m³.
Technical details
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