innovation extraordinary
As the first urban SUV based on SAAB technologies, BAIC X65 combines superior performance, smart configuration and fashion design in one in order to provide customers with exclusive ride for pursuing fashion and quality of life, and to bring them more passionate and enjoyable driving experience.
Get to know it
  • Front grid
  • Diamond-cutting taillight
  • Wrap-around style interior
  • panoramic sunroof
Power and control
  • SAAB 2.0L Turbo engine
  • Transmission
  • Front and rear sub-frames
  • Front and rear suspension
  • High strength body
  • ESP system
  • TPMS
  • security protection
Comfortability and convenience
  • 360°Panoramic image
  • 8-inch large color screen
  • Child Seats-ISOFIX Device
  • automatic air conditioning
  • Seat with memory function
Front grid
The front grid of X65 represents the face of BAIC Family which features a wing shape.
Front Grid
Diamond-cutting taillight
The tail lights are crystal clear and angular, individual and fashionable, simple but smart.
Diamond cutting
Technical details
BAIC INTL aims to produce vehicles with popular options that fulfill the segmented global automobile markets and satisfy world customer needs. All parameters and configurations information of different vehicles displayed above are based on the latest data at the time of posting, which may be updated without official notification and clarification.